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  1. People who just happen to be presently unmarried and who desire a closer walk with the Lord.
  2. Single parents who want the best for their children and who know the importance of being a part of a church family.
  3. People who enjoy serving in all areas of the church.
  4. Ministering to hurting families going through divorce with our DivorceCare program.
  5. Caring teachers who are “feeding His sheep.

Providing a doorway for single adults to enter a large fellowship and find a place to connect.
  1. A place where one can find friends for a lifetime as well as make a difference in their world.
  2. A place where one can have adventures and opportunities of a lifetime.
  3. A place to grow in a closer relationship with Christ.
Singles Minister: Belinda Green : contact info

Weekly Bible study on Sunday mornings at 9:00
Mission trips – U.S. and International
Beach Retreats
Mountaintop Getaways
Special Bible studies
Pool Parties
Game Nights
Progressive Christmas Dinner
Host annual Golf Tournament for Missions
Sponsor Blood Drive twice yearly
Theme Parties
DivorceCare and DC4K


Seekers - Ages 36 - 50 Co-Ed Class (Room C-203)
Faith Builders - Late 50's & up Co-Ed Class (Room C-201)
New Beginnings - Single Parent Class (Room C-204)
Single Mom's - (Library)